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Top Tips on How to Choose the Best Hot Water System for You

Everybody loves a functioning hot water system because that means taking warm showers all the time. Having hot water at home has become a basic necessity for most people, with some unable to imagine living without it. It just makes your living environment so much more convenient and comfortable.

There’s much to consider when picking out the right hot water system for your home. You have to know what type of system you want, where the water supply in your home comes from, how big your tank is, and how much the water system you prefer costs. 

Before you feel overwhelmed, we’re here to break down all the different kinds of systems for you, so you know what to tell your plumber when you ask for their services. Let’s get started!

Electric Water Heating System

An electric water heating system is standard in many Australian households. They’re quick to install and are cost-effective, whether you’re having a system installed indoors or outdoors. However, keep in mind that they can get quite expensive in the long run, especially when you have them running an entire day.

Gas Water Heating System

A gas water heating system is probably one of the oldest types of designs available, and they’re quite common as well. They’re cheap to run in your home, but they’re not the best choice if you want to minimise your household’s carbon footprint.

That being said, your plumber won’t have a hard time installing it into your home, even if they have to replace a system you already have in place. It’s a cost-effective installation, and the reheat time is fast, so you don’t have to wait a long time until the hot water is ready.

Instant Water Heating System

An instant water heating system is also called a continuous or tankless water heater because you won’t need a storage tank for your water supply. These systems only heat the water you require in every use, which can be handy in reducing the cost of running them. 

It lowers both your gas and electricity use, which is perfect if you’re worried about your living expenses. These kinds of systems are ideal for smaller homes, as they’re quite compact.

Heat Pump Water System

The heat pump water system is only recommended for well-ventilated areas and places with a warmer climate, so households commonly use them outdoors. They draw heat from the air to warm up the stored water and are great to lower your environmental impact.

Solar Water Heating System

A solar water heating system is an excellent option for the environmentally conscious, and they even have a low running cost. While the installation process might be difficult, it’s a significant long-term investment to have. 

You’ll need to provide your builder with your house’s plans so they can determine the best location to install this system in. In addition to that, government incentives and rebates are usually in place to help you lower the upfront costs of the installation.


Each kind of water heating system listed above has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to figure out which one best fits your home. You can consult with your local plumbing companies to get some professional input to help you make an informed decision.

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