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Common Plumbing Work You Can Do On Your Own

As a homeowner, you want to make sure your property is in good condition at all times. You go out of your way to take care of things and keep problems at bay as much as possible. When it comes to your plumbing system, if you don’t want to spend too much money on plumbing services all the time, you will need to have your own equipment to initiate the maintenance right.

However, if you don’t have enough experience handling pipings and fixtures, it’s best to leave the professionals’ dirty work. That way, you can avoid facing more costs if things go wrong and you need to call for emergency repairs. While you can easily manage without help when you’re repainting walls or changing a light bulb, it’s different when your home plumbing system is involved!

Moreover, there are plumbing works against the law to do on your own without a license. But if you insist on initiating plumbing repairs, keep reading below to find out the specific plumbing jobs you can do independently.

Plumbing Work You’re Allowed to Do in Queensland

According to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, you can perform specific plumbing works on your own without the need for experience or license. It includes replacing your showerhead, domestic water filter cartridge, jumper valve, or washer in a tap. You can also do repairs that involve your drop valve washer, float valve washer, or suction cup rubber found in a toilet cistern. If your sanitary drain requires changes, you can buy new caps or clean out ground level grates to keep things sanitised and working correctly.

If your outdoor plumbing system needs maintenance, you can install an irrigation or lawn watering system, isolation valve, or backflow prevention device all on your own. You are even allowed to do tasks involving your trenches, such as digging or backfilling.

Avoid Doing Other Serious Plumbing Work on Your Own

When it comes to other severe and complicated plumbing works, it should be done by a licensed plumber to maintain the safety of your home at all times. Your plumbing system is a serious matter and should not be dealt with by inexperienced homeowners because you can end up putting your and your family’s health and safety in danger.

Besides the tasks previously enumerated, you should never deal with plumbing work on your own if you want to avoid facing more problems down the line the moment things go wrong. If the situation worsens, you will have to call emergency plumbing services for help anyway!

While you have insurance for your home, not all instances involving your plumbing system will be covered. If something goes wrong and your insurance provider finds out you performed unlicensed plumbing work, you will have to face the expenses on your own.


When you’re facing a plumbing issue and unsure if you can do it independently without violating the law, it’s best to just call for plumbing inspections immediately. While you will have to shell out some money to hire a professional, it’s more affordable and better to get things done the right way than choose to do it on your own and end up making things worse. 

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