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Why Foul-Smelling Water Is Coming Out of Your Kitchen Tap

You can often expect different smells coming from your kitchen. However, these aromas are often quite pleasing, such as a roasting chicken, freshly baked cookies, or a delicious pan-seared steak. But when you smell something bad in your kitchen, it’s certainly a cause for alarm.

In particular, your kitchen tap could be a prime suspect for such an odour. It is not often, but foul-smelling water can sometimes come out of your kitchen tap. And when this happens, it could be due to several reasons.

There’s a problem with the Water Treatment

The water treatment is a whole process that involves the filtration and purification of the water before it reaches your tap. When there is a problem with the water treatment, the water can have a foul smell. Usually, the smell you smell is due to the chlorine added to the water to kill bacteria. When the chlorine is high, the water can smell quite bad.

While the smell only comes out when water is running, it doesn’t mean that the water can’t pollute your household items at all. The smell can still linger on your kitchen sink, on your kitchen counter, and even your drinking glasses.

There’s a problem with the Water Source

Sometimes, the water in your kitchen might smell bad because of the source. Although your kitchen tap is clean, the water delivered to your home might have a foul smell. This is because water can undergo certain changes when transported from the treatment plant to the taps in your home.

If you’re experiencing a foul smell, you may need to have your water source checked to ensure no problems with the source. If the source is clean, you can simply change the filter in your kitchen tap.

The Pipes Are Dirty

Sometimes, your foul-smelling water is due to an issue with the pipes. If the pipes are dirty, the water that comes into your kitchen through these pipes can end up with a foul smell. If the odour comes from your kitchen sink, the pipes are most likely the culprits.

You can prevent the smell by ensuring that the kitchen tap’s pipes are clean and free of any buildup of sediment. You can clean it yourself or contact a plumber to do the job.

The Problem Is the Kitchen Tap Itself

The kitchen tap that you’re using can also be a source of foul-smelling water. Certain kitchen taps come with an in-line filter that can purify the water. When the filter is dirty, the water can end up with a foul odour.

You can detect if the filter is the source because you will only experience the smell when water runs out of the tap. You can clean the filter regularly or change it for a new one to solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the problem may be, you should never tolerate foul-smelling water coming out of your kitchen tap. It could be dangerous for your overall health to consume these types of water. You may need to call a plumber to solve the foul-smelling water problem. 

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