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Gas leaks and what you can do about It

Gas leaks are inevitable. They can happen at any time in the home. That is why you should hire a gas fitting company that can ensure the health and safety of your home. There is no other choice for this but our very own Sunshine Coast Gas Fitting service. Gas leaks can be a real chore, but our expert Sunshine Coast gas fitters here at Sunny Coast Plumbing and Gas will do the job for you.

Signs of gas leaks

There are various signs you should keep a lookout for gas leaks, and these are:

  • Broken pipes

Broken piping is the number one cause of gas leaks, especially in older homes. Pipes can corrode and lose their quality over time. That is why it is important to replace them as soon as possible to prevent gas leaks.

  • Unmaintained appliances

Another cause of a gas leak is faulty appliances such as hot water systems, cookers, heaters, BBQ’s. Not maintaining them properly can lead to poor burner quality, a poorly oxidised flame. Therefore, timely maintenance for such appliances is a must.

Identifying gas leaks

It is easy to identify when your home is experiencing gas leaks. The most common ones are:

  • Eminent sulphur smells

When gas leaks occur, the smell of Sulphur spreads in the entire house. Keep in mind that its smell alone can be toxic and makes it uneasy for the nose.

  • Skyrocketing gas bills

If you noticed that your gas bill is higher than the usual, then there is a big chance that it is due to gas leaks.

  • Whistling noise near the gas line

A subtle whistling noise can be heard when you start up the gas. This is a clear sign that a gas leak has occurred inside the pipes.

Sunshine Coast gas fitting service has got you covered!

Luckily, Sunshine Coast gas fitting service is just one call away for all your gas leak needs. Our expert gas fitters will give you high-quality service at a price that will not hurt your wallet. So, what are you waiting for? opt for Sunshine Coast gas fitting service today and see the difference our competitors cannot beat. 

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