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Plumbing Issues That Usually Happen during Summertime

Summertime is here again, and many people are excited to BBQ their favourite meats, swim at the beach and play backyard cricket with friends and family. Since last summer was a record-breaker, with temperatures soaring everywhere, it may be tough to anticipate how your home’s plumbing will hold up under the summer heat. Will your home’s plumbing be prepared to handle the scorching heat?

Here are some of the plumbing issues that usually happen during summertime:

Drains get clogged by kitchen waste

The sun is shining, the air is warm, and it’s time to grill some dinner. The backyard fills up with friends and family members, some of whom are more particular than others when eating just the right amount of food. 

Unfortunately, what they don’t eat ends up at the disposal, which will pretty much lead your drains to clog considerably.

Heavy rains challenge sewer lines

Are the sewer pipes leading away from your home clean of blockages? Are the pipes still in good condition? If summer storms bring more than an average amount of rain to South East Queensland, sewage water could overflow into your home. Some of that water could get through cracks or holes in your sewer pipes and seep into your home. If the pipes are already clogged, your home could flood in summer. 

This is especially true if there is already a backup of waste due to lack of maintenance. 

Sewer lines get intruded upon by tree roots

Like humans, trees also enjoy summer and grow during this season. Unfortunately, they need a lot more water during the summer than during the winter, so if a tree does not have access to enough water, it can invade the sewer line for water. 

A severe summer storm can combine with this and cause flooding. The sewage backing up into homes and in front of businesses will lower property values and upset residents. The flooded streets will lead to a few days of inconvenience, but the danger of sewage backup is serious and has to be taken very seriously.

Shower drains get filled with dirt from outdoor activities

Summer means a lot of cricket, surfing and other outdoor activities. To prevent blockages, your showers need to be unblocked. If they are slow to drain, you need a plumber to check them and unblock them.


One of the most beautiful times of the year is summer. People love to indulge in fun activities like going to the beach and other outdoor activities. However, plumbing issues also come during this season.

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