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4 Possible Reasons Your Sink Is Draining Too Slowly

It’s normal for a sink to drain slowly sometimes, especially when there’s a lot of water to drain. But if you’ve only opened your tap and the sink is already filling to the brim, there might be a problem you need to fix. Here are just a few reasons that could be the cause of your slowly draining sinks:

4 Common Reasons Your Sink Is Draining Too Slow

1. A Clog in the Drain or Pipe

Clogs are the most common reasons sinks drain too slowly. For most kitchen sinks, it is common for food debris to slip into the drain, along with small pieces of food packaging or grease. Bathroom sinks, on the other hand, commonly get clogged from hair or small clumps of soap.  

To fix this, you can try using a long tool to pull out the debris from the sink and throw it into the trash. Plungers can work as well. Plumbers often use pipe inspection cameras and plumbing augers to remove whatever is causing the clog.

If it’s a drainpipe issue, however, it can be quite different. Drainpipes connect to the main sewer line. If the clog is somewhere in the main line, then you might run the risk of sewage water backing up into your sink. If you are not entirely sure that this is the problem, you need help from a professional plumber.

2. A Blockage in the P-Trap

The P-trap is located under the sink and is usually there to help prevent backflow. However, the P-trap is prone to grease blockage. If the problem is in the P-Trap, then you can take out this part and clean it. People who aren’t too savvy with piping should let a plumber handle this job. If you don’t know how to clean it well and put it back correctly, you might end up spending extra on the damage. 

3. A Damaged Vent Pipe

Vent pipes supply fresh air throughout the house’s plumbing system. They also prevent the sewage water from leaking into the home. When they’re damaged, they can affect the entire system, with one sign being slow-draining sinks. A plumber will be able to tell if this is the case and repair it right away.

4. An Old Plumbing System

If it’s been a while since you’ve done a maintenance check, you may not notice how your systems are slowly wearing out from age. Some old houses may still have metal pipes that can rust and affect your plumbing system. If your sink hasn’t been checked in a long while, it is possible to fall at the seams and require replacement.


It is best to stay away from drain cleaners with chemicals that cause more harm than good to fix a slow-draining sink. The safest way to improve this situation is to clean the sink stopper by lifting debris with a wire or cleaning tool. A plunger can help as well. But if the damage is a bit too extreme, contact your resident plumber to help deal with the issue.

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