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Should You Replace Your Water System? 3 Signs to Consider

People take for granted the value of maintaining moderate water temperatures. Although cool running water from the tap can be soothing during summer, it can be a rude wakeup call during colder seasons. Conversely, scalding water is just as problematic. This is why it’s crucial to have the proper regulation of your plumbing through a hot water system.

When Should I Replace My Hot Water System?

Like any piece of appliance, a hot water system can deteriorate over time. Most domestic hot water heaters can last from seven to 15 years. Whether you opt for a tank or not, your heating system will likely break down within this timeframe. To avoid any inconveniences with your water’s temperature, it’s important for homeowners to recognise when it’s time to replace the hot water system.

If you think your home deserves a hot water system upgrade, here are three signs to watch out for.

1. Inconsistent Heating Output

Performance issues should be the first sign that your hot water system needs a replacement. If your heating takes too long to heat up or fails halfway, it might be best to upgrade your system. Although these quirks can be manageable over time, increasing your patience doesn’t make your heating needs less important. For this reason, it’s necessary to hire a professional plumber to diagnose your hot water system’s condition. If it’s unfit to deliver your heating needs consistently, don’t hesitate to retire it for a newer model.

2. Odd Noises When Heating

Although hot water systems emit a form of noise as it heats your water, some sounds can signify complications in your system. Popping, cracking, and banging aren’t normal and should be enough reason to contact your local plumber. Even if you’re getting regular water output, there may be leaks or sediment build-up that can compromise your home’s pipelines. Refraining from addressing these issues immediately can cause more severe damage throughout your home.

After getting a consult, your plumber may determine the noise as a result of minor damage. It may not be necessary to consider an immediate replacement if you just need small repairs. This can be the case if you just recently bought your hot water system. However, experiencing frequent issues of a similar nature may signify that spending money on repairs is less efficient than buying a new unit altogether.

3. Your Hot Water System’s Age

All products have a predetermined shelf life, whether it’s food or appliances. Although there are recommended operating lives listed on appliances, different factors can lead to faster deterioration over time. For example, overworking your hot water system can cause it to last only half its prescribed lifespan. You don’t have to wait for 12 years of operation before replacing your hot water system. Sometimes, buying a modern heater with energy-saving features is a better long-term investment than sticking to your old unit.


If you think your home’s hot water system is due for a replacement, you need to consider several factors for a new unit. For example, you need to assess if your current system type is still efficient for your heating needs. Additionally, adjusting the size of your hot water system can also be a crucial factor in your buying options. Once you have the right product, remember to call an expert plumbing service to install it in your home.

The sooner you can diagnose your hot water system’s condition, the earlier you can shop for a better replacement. If you need 24-hour plumbing services along the Sunshine Coast, we’re the right company to call. Our professional plumbers can assist in the removal of your old unit and the installation of the new. Call us now at 0449 555 135.

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