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5 Signs of a Blocked Drain and the Best Solutions for Each

Blocked drains are common plumbing problems. Over time, drains may suffer from mineral and material buildup, resulting in weaker water pressures and broken waterways. But the problem does not simply manifest at the last stage. Usually, blocked drains will show a few signs before reaching their limit. Here are some symptoms exhibited by blocked drains and the best ways to solve them.

1. Terrible Sewer Odour

It’s not typical for sewer odours to escape through other exits aside from the plumbing vents. Therefore, if someone at home smells the terrible odour from any exits, such as drains or taps, then there may be a problem with how the drainage flushes the water. Horrible sewer odours are the result of retained wastewater in a pipe because of a blockage.

If the odour is coming from a drain within the house, it’s best to try clearing out the pipelines using materials found at home. Using equal parts of vinegar and baking soda mixed with warm water should loosen any blockage and allow the wastewater to flow. In effect, the odours should disappear in an instant. 

2. Recurring Blockage

There are various reasons why a drain will appear blocked. However, it doesn’t mean that the problem will need professional advice to solve. There are some reasons quickly resolved by cleaning out the drain stoppers or strainers. Both objects often get clogged by hair, a chunk of soap, soap scum and gunk. Cleaning the exit should allow the water to pass through, solving a recurring blockage issue.

3. Water Backing Up

There are two reasons why water backs up: lodged drain traps or stuck wet pipes in toilet drains. Both instances contribute to water backing up as the liquids in the property’s pipeline have nowhere to go. Therefore, hiring a plumber near you should get the problems fixed right away.

4. Slower Draining

Materials like food scraps, hair, hardened oil, fat and grease are the common causes of blocked sinks and tubs. Although these things are everyday, they result in troublesome consequences like a slower water drain. The situation is so bad that even air bubbles cannot pass through the pipes, causing a blockage.

The most common solution is to use a plunger, drain snake or remove the P-Trap under the sink to push the clogs. However, it’s best to seek professional help. There are 24-hour plumbing services available for late-night blockages and drain issues. Never wait until the morning to clear out wastewater at home.

5. Several Blocked Fixtures

In more severe cases, some houses experience everyday blockages all at once. The mainline is most likely the reason for the stemmed problems. For example, if the toilet shares water backing up while using other water lines in the house, the problem is likely multiple blocked fixtures.

Compared to other blockage issues, no troubleshooting procedure fits the scenario. However, the best resolution is to call a professional plumber for them to handle the situation. Never let multiple blockages worsen, as the problem may lead to a flooded house in no time.


A simple drain blockage shouldn’t be a problem at first. However, the longer it takes to get fixed will only lead to more problems. Professional plumbers should see the issues before they get worse through routine maintenance checks, the reason why it’s essential to schedule a maintenance call at least once every quarter of the year to be sure about a house’s pipeline integrity.

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