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How to Stop Common Tap Noises and When to Call A Plumber

Hearing screaming, whining, or squealing every time you fill-up the sink to clean dishes or wash your hands may rapidly become tiresome when you have a loud tap. 

While certain plumbing tasks are best left to the pros, fixing a loud tap is typically something anybody with basic handyman skills can accomplish, so if you’d rather attempt it yourself, here are some suggestions.

What Are the Different Tap Noises and What Do They Indicate?


Damaged pipes can lead to whining taps. The most straightforward approach to solving a whining tap is to cut off the main water supply, which is situated under the sink or on the exterior of your property.

Then, completely turn on both the hot and cold taps until the water stops running, which should be enough to eliminate any air pockets. Restart the water supply by turning off the taps and then the main water supply. Then check if your taps have stopped whining. If they haven’t, it’s time to inspect the pipes for dents, so you’ll need a plumber on Sunshine Coast. 

Shrieking or Screeching 

If your tap is shrieking or screeching, the washer or stem (or both) probably needs to be changed. It’s natural for these pieces to wear down over time, causing the washer within the stem to shake when water passes, resulting in irritating screeches and squeals. 

You may need to replace the stem because new stem packs frequently contain a washer and other parts, so you can solve your loud tap by replacing both simultaneously.

If nothing of these options works to quiet your loud tap, there are a few more things you may check and attempt before calling a plumber on Sunshine Coast. 

What Else Can You Do Before You Contact A Plumber?

Examine The Washers

One of the first things to check out is if it’s incorrectly sized or worn-out washers, as they’re another major source of loud taps. You can turn off the primary water supply and disassemble your tap to replace the washer.  

Ensure they’re in good condition once you’ve removed the tap handles and replaced the old washers. Then, reassemble the tap and switch on the main water supply. 

Make Sure The Water Pressure Is Enough

High water pressure can make your taps generate strange noises. You can use a pressure gauge to check the plumbing, and a value of more than 80 psi could identify the source of your loud tap. 

Take A Look At The Aerator

A loud tap might be caused by mineral deposits in the aerator (the little screen on the tip of your tap). Inspect this first because it might be a simple plumbing matter. Turn the tap on after unscrewing the aerator. If the noise has ceased, all that’s left is to replace the aerator with a new one.


Older homes may have too small pipes to handle current water demand, and they can easily become clogged, making water flow difficult. While this is another primary source of noisy taps, it’s not something that you can fix yourself. If none of the recommendations has worked, your taps are still producing unusual noises, or you can’t figure out what’s causing them, seek plumbing services on Sunshine Coast.

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