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A List of Things That Should Never Go Down Your Sink

It can be tempting to throw any items from the kitchen down the drain rather than sorting them into the garbage or recycling. After all, what harm could it do? None of that would end up in the ocean, right? There are countless items you should never throw into the sewer system due to their size or the chemicals they contain. Here are some of the common kitchen items you should never throw down the sink.

A List of Things That Should Never Go Down Your Sink

1 – Grease

Every kitchen has some grease. You may have some left in the frying pan, or there may be a bit of bacon grease in the cast iron skillet. It is tempting to wipe the grease onto a paper towel and then toss that paper towel in the garbage. Unfortunately, grease is incredibly hard on any drains it passes through. It can create a clog if it cools and hardens, and if it is hot, it can create excess heat in the pipes. Grease is truly one of the worst things you can put down your sink.

2 – Potato Skins

Potato skins are incredibly delicious. They are also incredibly difficult to clean from a kitchen sink. If you do not have an industrial washer on your sink, it can be impossible to get the potato out of the drain. The skins are very slippery, and the potato itself is porous. This means that the potato will absorb the water, and it will not be able to be pushed through the drain.

3 – Flour

Flour is a powder that is very difficult to wash out of a sink. It will sit on the side of the sink and below the sink, creating an odour and attracting bugs. If it settles into the hairline, it will only be a matter of time before you start to see a mould. The flour will also expand and contract as it comes into contact with moisture. This creates a lot of pressure that can break your pipes. If you have any flour left over, it is better to throw it in the garbage or compost bin than it is to try to rinse it down the sink.

4 – Coffee Grounds

While coffee grounds are not particularly difficult to remove from a sink, they are very difficult to get out of garbage disposal. Coffee grounds can clog the blades of the garbage disposal, and the smell of the coffee grounds can permeate the disposal. It is very difficult to get rid of the smell, so it is better to line the garbage disposal with a bag of activated charcoal or a layer of baking soda. You can use your disposal without fear of the smell.


Your kitchen may have a lot of items that can’t go down the sink. These items can clog a drain, create odour problems, and attract bugs. Fortunately, the items are easy to dispose of properly. Throw them in the garbage or compost, and make sure you take care of your drains!

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