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5 Things You Should Do When Your Hot Water System Is Broken

A leaking hot water system can manifest in numerous ways, and it must not be ignored. At first, you may notice a rise in your water bill or weird noises and obvious leaks from your hot water system, which are all signals of trouble. 

When a water heater stops working, several possible causes should be addressed. What’s most important is knowing the cause of your non-functioning heater and what to do about it.

Here are five things you should do when your hot water system is broken:

1. Turn the System Off

In case of a water heater malfunction, it is important to turn off your hot water system right away. This reduces the chance of scalding somebody, particularly your children, with hot water. So, it is vital to turn off your water at the main valve and in your home when re-piping or adding a new unit. You should turn off the cold water at the valves as well.

2. Disconnect and Drain

Another reason why you need to turn off your water heater at the main valve and all interior taps is to prevent a nasty explosion when you turn on the water. This is especially crucial if you are connecting a gas-fired hot water heater.

Following this, you should drain the system by pulling out any hoses and turning off incoming water from the source. However, you do not need to drain the system with a tankless water heater. Instead, check for leaks, which will be an easier issue to resolve quickly than draining the system.

3. Find the Source of the Issue

A hot water system does not just suddenly break down without warning. There are signs of potential problems, and it is essential to notice these signs before the system completely breaks and seek help right away.

For instance, check your hot water tank’s fluid level and the consistency of the water temperature to your settings. Check the water flow because a clogged line can be the culprit. You may have to replace the anode rod or check your water heater for corrosion.

4. Repair the Issue

If the issue is a gas leak, have your water heating system repaired immediately. Turn off the gas and call a professional because you could lose your home by trying to fix the problem yourself.

You can also inspect for issues with the tank. Check for any bulging or leaking and cracks within the tank that may cause the water heater to malfunction. This can be a significant problem requiring either a professional to fix the issue or a brand new water heater. 

In addition, check the thermostat and make sure it is not in the wrong setting. If the system is irreparable, invest in a new unit, or upgrade to a tankless water heater.

5. Call a Professional

Using the preceding troubleshooting steps, you may have identified a simple fix for the issue. If not, call a hot water system repair expert.

A skilled professional can help you quickly identify the source of the issue and fix it adequately and safely. You could potentially save plenty of money by contracting with a licensed and insured professional instead of purchasing new or additional parts.


A hot water system is a home improvement because a quality one will allow you to enjoy your hot water system for many years.  If your hot water system breaks, take the crucial actions right away to fix any issue to avoid placing your family in danger. 

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