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How to Tell You’re Experiencing a Gas Leak in Your Home

When you own a house, you want to make sure you and your family are safe and sound by checking to see if your electrical and plumbing system is working in good condition at all times. If your pipes malfunction, not only will your water system break down, but it could lead to a gas leak.

Gas leaks are hazardous to your health, no matter how big or small the situation is. You should call for plumbing services on Sunshine Coast right away at the first sign of a leak. Failing to do something about it could lead to accidents like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

While it’s a great idea to utilise natural gas and LPG, you must guarantee to install them properly to avoid trouble. After all, you will need it at home for your stove, heater, dryer, and hot water system. Keep reading below to learn the signs you’re facing a gas leak at home.

Ways to Prove There’s a Gas Leak in Your Home

You Smell Rotten Eggs

People use natural gas for residential applications. In general, the gas is odourless until reliable gas companies infused Ethyl Mercaptan to give people a more accessible time learning if a gas leak is present in their household.

When you notice the smell of rotten eggs, cabbage, or sulphur, you should treat it as a problem you must address immediately. Calling a gas fitter or plumber is necessary to determine where the smell is coming from and fix it before it worsens.  

You Hear a Hissing Sound

Besides experiencing an unusual smell, discovering a gas leak on your property can also come in the form of a hissing sound. When you’re standing close to your gas line, and you hear a sound that didn’t use to be there, it’s a sign that a gas leak is occurring.

You See a Colored Gas Flame

The gas you use at home produces a naturally blue flame. However, when you notice that it has become orange or yellow, that isn’t normal, and you should stop using your gas by turning off the appliance.

Afterwards, the next thing you should do is reach out to a plumbing company that offers gas fitting services. They will double-check the situation and confirm if you can still salvage your gas or if you will require a replacement to take care of your concern.

You Learn That You Run Out of Gas Fast

When you utilise LPG for your oven and other appliances, and you seem to be running out of gas more often than before, it could mean that there’s a leak involved. After recently purchasing a new tank, finding yourself replacing it in just a few weeks can already tell you that your case isn’t usual and will require a plumber’s intervention to fix it.

You Witness Your Plants Dying

When you care for plants indoors, and you start to notice they’re withering all of a sudden, it could be another indication that a gas leak is building up. While it won’t happen right away, you should call for a plumbing inspection to let a professional verify the cause of your plants dying.


Gas leaks are considered a serious matter and will require you to seek residential plumbing services to take care of the problem as soon as possible. If you smell rotten eggs, hear a hissing sound, see a coloured gas flame, learn your gas runs out fast, and witness your plants dying, they should cause you to feel alarmed and reach out to a professional. 

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