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Why Plumbing Matters to Your Family’s Safety and Home Health

What makes hiring a plumber so important for a homeowner? There are obvious cases where hiring plumbing services are for taps that don’t work or toilets that are broken.

Sounds pretty standard, right? It should be noted that there are instances where these same professionals actually get you an essential service that involves safety, such as addressing water buildup issues. 


Moisture in your home can negatively affect your family’s health and safety, which is why it’s a must to work with licensed professionals to address the issue. When you hire professionals, you will receive plumbing support that is on a comprehensive level.

How can hiring a plumber keep a home healthy and aid in family safety?

  • Prevents mould growth

Your home has some form of moisture that will result in the pressing need to call on a plumber. As far as elements go, moisture is high on the list of problematic ones. If it builds up over time or even just remains present, festering in place can lead to mould growth. Specific forms of mould are toxic, but no matter what mould there is, a risk of respiratory distress and illness will automatically exist. 

Many people tend to overlook the ease and speed with which mould can grow in a home, causing a bigger problem. A plumber will be able to prevent mould growth from happening by keeping your plumbing system in its best functional state.

  • Discover hidden water buildup

A dripping pipe in a house makes for an excellent example of water buildup that may go undiscovered. It may not be noticed immediately, and over time, the drip will end up saturating the surrounding drywall. At the same time, it’s likely to cause considerable flooring damage. 

Another possibility is that the area’s furnishings will end up absorbing it. While it’s true that it could dry up, it’s still pretty likely that significant amounts of moisture will remain. Out of sight means out of mind, which explains why a small situation like that happening under flooring or behind drywall can be a big problem down the line.

  • Prevent the risk of water damage

Aside from mould, it’s also crucial for property owners to address the risk of water damage. Multiple surfaces absorb water, which results in damage. Water prevention is a skill many plumbers have that can help keep your home as waterproof as possible.


Working with a plumber is the default when addressing necessary repairs in your home, such as a broken toilet and a tap that just won’t work. More than repair and maintenance, plumbers will be able to spot signs of moisture that you may have missed. In turn, they will also know how to get rid of it expertly. Typically, plumbers work hand-in-hand with homeowners to address any concerns. This leads to mould growth prevention, detection of already-present mould and water damage is minimised.

Having a licensed team of professional plumbers at your disposal will help with the health of your home and the safety of your family. If you need a plumber in the Sunshine Coast, reach out to Sunny Coast Plumbing and Gas.

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