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5 Common Commercial Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

Most of the time, plumbing maintenance is neglected until serious issues arise. However, the problem is that many types of plumbing matters can come up at any time, and not handling them right away can make them worse. The problems can be multiplied if you own or manage a commercial property.

For a better management experience, here’s a quick rundown of the most common problems in terms of commercial plumbing and what you can do to keep these issues under control.

1. Running Toilets

Running toilets can be defined as toilets that seem always to be on. Water seems to be flowing through them constantly, and they might randomly flush within intervals. The problem with this is that you are wasting a lot of water, and you might be surprised when the water bill comes in.

There are numerous DIY solutions to this problem, like jiggling some of the tank’s components until things run smoothly. But, if you want to make lasting improvements, it would be best to call a commercial plumber to get to the root of the issue.

2. Tap Leaks

Leaking taps can seem normal, but if you accumulate the water waste, you will notice that a leaky tap can lead to thousands of litres of water in one year and hundreds of dollars in water bills.

Additionally, you might think that the leaks only happen with the water dripping out. In reality, a tap leak might also mean there’s something wrong with your pipes and behind the plastered wall. Eventually, water can also pool on the floor, flood the property, and bring water damage to structures and fixtures. Ensure that you have a commercial plumbing company inspect the surrounding area to identify the primary source of the leak and fix things for you.

3. Broken Toilet Handles

Managing commercial properties also means having a lot of toilets for the building tenants. With several people constantly using these utilities, there’s a higher risk of broken toilet handles. They are pretty fragile, and problems can occur after constant use.

You can have these toilet handles fixed, but you can also improve the building’s solutions by buying toilets with automated flushing systems as they would require less maintenance.

4. Low Water Pressure

One of the worst problems is low water pressure, limiting everyone’s water use or eliminating it. Little to no water can be a problem, not only for residents or tenants but especially for food, beverage, or service companies.

Unfortunately, lower water pressure is a more complex problem that you cannot handle on your own. Contact commercial plumbing services right away and have them inspect the property water system for you.

5. Smelly Sewage

If you smell sewage in your property’s toilet or sink areas, it means a blockage is in there somewhere. Exposure to these toxins can harm your health, so you have to call for help right away from a 24-hour plumbing service. Plumbing experts have the tools to locate the blocks in your sewage system and fix them efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Encountering plumbing problems is normal, especially for bigger properties with more tenants. As a manager or owner, it is essential to give your cleaning and maintenance employees checklists to get information when problems like this arise.

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