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Common Commercial Plumbing Problems Business Owners Face

Business owners, facility managers, and entrepreneurs alike know that plumbing problems can cost them money and productivity. More often than not, commercial property owners face very similar issues to ones they might see in a residential setting: blocks, clogs, leaks, toilet troubles, heater malfunctions, and all the other usual suspects. However, due to the immense pressures placed upon commercial pipes, valves, and fittings, the repair costs are often much higher than residential plumbing.

Common Commercial Plumbing Problems Business Owners Face

1 – Drain Clogs

Drain clogs are a common problem in many businesses and even residences. And although the causes and solutions may be slightly different, the problem still presents itself in the same way: a slow drain that won’t flush. A number of different things can cause a clog, including food and/or hair in the drain, poorly sized pipes, excess waste buildup, and even damage to the pipelining. The issue may be fairly easy to fix, or it may be a time-consuming and costly project.

2 – Toilet Clogs

A toilet clog, like the majority of clogs, is often caused by too much waste in the pipes or pipelining. It can also be caused by a poorly positioned water jet that sprays more water in the bowl than onto the waste. If a person is experiencing a clogged toilet, we recommend that the plumber use a rubber flange plunger (instead of a plunging device) to clear the clog.

3 – Pressure Problems

If you have pressure problems in your commercial building, you’ll have water leaks, which means you’ll have expensive water damage. Leak detection is a crucial and necessary service. You can lose tens of thousands of dollars in high water bills and damage without it.

4 – Leaky Taps

Leaky taps are a common problem, and it’s often due to improper management of water pressure. Your plumber can check your water pressure and make necessary adjustments to fix a leaky tap.

5 – Running Toilets

A running toilet is something that you don’t hear about as often as some other commercial plumbing problems, but it’s just as prevalent as any other. The problem caused by high water pressure can be fixed easily.

6 – Water Quality Issues

Water quality problems are not uncommon. They’re often caused by a buildup of sediment in a tank but can also be caused by a faulty pump or system.


Common commercial plumbing problems can be easily detected, but they can also be easily overlooked. Always make sure that you have the right equipment in place, the right systems in place, and the right person in place to make the right calls when something goes wrong in your business.

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