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Do Not Let These 5 Things Get Into Your Kitchen Sink

Many households in Australia are guilty of throwing in whatever food they can in their kitchen sink. If you belong in this demographic of homeowners, then you have to start rethinking your choices or else, you’re letting your plumbing suffer in the long run! 

The kitchen sink is not meant to drain food in its pipe. While there are some things you can drop into your sink or dispenser, there are very particular items that can harm your kitchen plumbing – causing you to need emergency plumbing services to remedy it. 

Here are some food items that you should never allow down your drain to give you an idea. 

1. Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a popular drink in the morning, mostly when fresh and made from exceptional coffee grounds. However, it is a different story when you throw them in your sink. Unlike what most people think, coffee grounds would never break down when poured with water. Instead, they clump together and when big enough can later develop into a clog. 

There are many creative ways you can use coffee grounds. You can use it to fertilise your garden, exfoliate your skin, or neutralise odours around the house. Make use of it for the second time instead of putting them down your pipes!

2. Rice or Pasta

If you are fond of eating rice or pasta, you should throw away the excess rather than let them drain down the pipes. Here is the truth: rice and pasta do not dissolve in water. Instead of flowing down with water, the two create a thick paste that could become a clog later! 

Consider composting them if they are not cooked with fats or sauces. 

3. Egg Shells

Another thing that should go to your compost pile is eggshells. Even if you break them or grind them into tiny pieces, they would never be suitable for your disposal! 

Their sharp edges can only damage your disposal, which you do not want to happen. They can also clump together and cause drainage problems in your sink. Aside from composting, they are also an excellent snail repellent for your garden. Simply place them on the soil surrounding your plants, and watch it do its thing!

4. Fruit Pits

If you have pits from fruits, such as peach or apple, you know that they can be too hard for your teeth. They are thick fruit cores that the garbage disposal won’t grind to small enough pieces. These pits could even harm your disposal, so do not even try to drop them down your sink.

There are many other uses for fruit pits. Find a good tutorial online and turn them into food seasoning, vinegar, fruit syrup, home decor, or just place them in your compost. 

5. Cooking Oil and Other Fats

Cooking oil and grease can solidify once flushed down the drain. When caught in the middle of the pipe, it can block the drain. Moreover, it can damage and also clog the sewage. 

The fat can block the soil pores. When it is present, the soil can no longer filter the water effectively. Instead of letting it flow down the drain, place it in a container, wait for it to solidify, and place it in the trash. 


Food particles may seem harmless in your eyes but not in your pipes. You should remember that only liquid (that does not include oil and grease) should go down your drain. Forgetting to follow this rule would let you end up in drain blockages that could affect your household in many ways. Unless you want to spend repeatedly on plumbing repair, find creative ways to dispose of your food items instead!

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