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What to Do About Your Home’s Water Pressure—What to Know

Water is the source of all life—and it is also what makes your home a livable and comfortable place to live in. 

No house can be without water! Whether it’s for drinking, bathing, washing, cooking, or gardening, you will need water to handle all these indoor and outdoor household tasks. However, having water at home isn’t enough—you also need to have good water pressure!

The Importance of Good Water Pressure

Since water has long been part of your daily life, you may take it for granted and expect it to flow out when you want—but it, unfortunately, doesn’t work that way. If you’re going to have a well-functioning home, you should fulfil your duty in maintaining your house’s water pressure. 

Water pressure refers to how fast or slow water flows through your pipes and out of your taps and showerheads. Proper water pressure is essential, as having the right balance keeps the pipes from bursting or taps from drying up. 

Maintaining good water pressure is important all year round. You must ensure that your home’s water pressure is always at 500 kilopascals to meet Australian standards. 

When You Have Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is when the water that comes out of your taps and showerheads dribbles out weakly. Several factors, such as the following, could have caused your low water pressure.

1. Multiple Plumbing Fixtures

Your water pressure may be affected when there is an extreme demand for water. You can easily avoid this issue with simple coordination.

2. Blocked Pipes

The build-up of minerals and debris in your pipes can also cause low water pressure. When enough sediments accumulate, they can hinder the flow of water and cause short cycling.

3. Corroded Plumbing

Your plumbing system can become corroded over time. The rust inside your pipes can block the flow of water and lower the water pressure. You will need to call for plumbing services to have your plumbing re-piped.

When You Have High Water Pressure

High water pressure happens when there’s a powerful flow of water coming out of your taps. The following may cause high water pressure:

1. Supply Interruptions or Maintenance

If you’ve recently had a maintenance supply interruption, then the high water pressure may have been caused by the air trapped inside the pipes.

2. Water Supplier’s Actions

When your supplier reconfigures the supply network, your water pressure may change. Make sure to ask your water supplier about changes in supply routes.

What to Do About Your Pressure Problem

Some water pressure problems are more accessible to solve than others—you may just need to clear the blockage, and all will be back to normal, or you may have to replace sections of pipe. Whether your case is extreme or not, it’s best to leave the job to the experts.

If you don’t want to risk making mistakes or making things worse, you should instead call for plumbing services. Suppose you think you have a water pressure issue and have ruled out a citywide pressure problem. In that case, you should immediately have a plumbing inspection so that your plumber can figure out how to address the problem immediately.


Good water pressure makes for a happy home! If you want to do all of your household activities without issue, you need to have a healthy water flow. Whether you have high or low water pressure, you need to have it fixed by a plumbing expert so that you can enjoy living at home once again.

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