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Motorhome Compliance: Getting Caravan Certification

Many benefits come with owning a motorhome. You can take drives out in the open road and enjoy the wilderness on this house on wheels. However, to take your motorhome out with peace of mind, you need to ensure that it passes all the compliance and certifications required for it to be deemed safe to drive.

Getting a caravan certificate is one of the requirements you need to register for your motor home vehicle. This certification will involve getting various parts of the vehicle checked to ensure that they are all working properly while complying with the set safety requirements and regulations. 

Motorhome Compliance: Getting Caravan Certification

Even if you have a fully functional and well-maintained recreational vehicle, it doesn’t mean that you will use it, especially if you do not have the updated caravan certification documents. Ensuring that you have safe and usable fixtures inside your vehicle will ensure that your certification will be granted. This document will certify that all the fixtures in your RV are safe to use as well as fit within the legal requirements.

Here are a few tips to help you get your certificate the quickest!

Plumbing Certification

A plumbing certificate states that all the plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet and taps, are in working order. Having all the plumbing fixtures and fittings checked will help you get your caravan certification and give you peace of mind. No matter what anyone tells you, it is always better to have a working toilet and water running on tap when you are out camping or taking a nature walk with your friends and loved ones.

Gas Safety Compliance

On the other hand, a mobile home should also have a working stove and cooking equipment. Any outlets and gas fixtures should be thoroughly checked to ensure they are all in good working order. Like running water, having a working stove with gas outlets will make your wilderness trip more accessible and more enjoyable. Also, you will have the guarantee that all appliances and cooking equipment that are gas-powered will not be hazardous to use. 

Why is this certification required?

Since there may be some instances where people would buy their recreational vehicles and caravans overseas, these vehicles may not comply with the Australian Standards for Gas and Water Plumbing. Securing caravan certification will ensure that all the aspects of the RV, especially the plumbing and gas fixtures, will meet these requirements.


To take full advantage and put your RV to good use sooner rather than later, you need to get the necessary certifications and documentation. Finding a reliable gas and plumbing company to help you attain this certification is the most logical first step. This company will help ensure that your vehicle is fitted with the right type of plumbing and gas fixtures to help you pass the certification. Getting good-quality taps and gas fixtures will take you one step closer to getting your caravan certification.

Should you ever need to have your vehicle inspected and checked before getting your caravan certification, contact Sunny Coast Plumbing. Our professional plumbers will conduct a thorough check of your caravan to ensure that you will pass the inspection and certification. For all your residential plumbing needs in Sunshine Coast, contact us today!

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