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Why Your Home Needs a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

Your home won’t always remain as durable as the first day you moved into it. Besides seeing your wall’s colours peel off and furnishings deteriorate, your home’s utilities will also experience wear and tear over time. This is why homeowners need to observe a maintenance checklist to assess any potential complications and repair any necessary components.

Unfortunately, you won’t always have enough time on your hands to give your home a thorough inspection. Balancing work, managing responsibilities to your family and getting enough rest can already be a handful to maintain 7 days a week. You may be too busy to look for minor damages that can have a considerable impact on your work-life balance. This is why it’s necessary to get help from a professional when your hands are full.

Understanding the value of whole-house plumbing inspections

Whole-house plumbing inspections let professional plumbers find issues in various parts of your plumbing system. Think of it as a reliable doctor doing a check-up of your home’s health. The plumber you hire can detect any potential signs of damage from minor drainage issues to deteriorating pipelines. They can prevent your home from experiencing common issues such as:

  • Slow-draining sinks, bathtubs and showers
  • Water pooling in basins
  • Foul odour from taps and toilets
  • Odd noises from pipes
  • Heating issues with your shower

It’s important to remember that it’s easier to prevent plumbing problems than to fix them. For most cases, the plumbing issues above will manifest warning signs before they happen. This is apparent through slight inconveniences in heating water, deterioration of your sewer lines and more. For this reason, it’s necessary to request a whole-house plumbing inspection before you have a plumbing issue. It allows your plumber to conduct their assessment with ease, while also giving you an overview of what you should do to prevent any plumbing concerns.

Going over a plumber’s tasks during a whole-house plumbing inspection

There’s no best time to receive a plumbing inspection for your home. However, it can help to have it yearly during summer or spring to prepare for damages from harsh climate conditions. Your plumber will then go over a checklist to see what potential issues your pipelines may have.

They will look for potentially growing cracks or leaks in exposed piping. Afterwards, they will assess your plumbing fixtures’ connections if there’s a risk of water damage. Doing so will ensure that you won’t have any trouble with wood rot, mould and other forms of deterioration in your home’s structure.

Afterwards, they’ll take a closer look at your drainage and sewer systems to diagnose any potential buildup of blockages or misaligned pipes. This includes testing for corrosion that could lead to water leaks in the future. Besides checking for damage, your plumber will also assess the water pressure if it has the right calibration. They will also check your water heater or hot water tank if it has signs of sediment build-up to see if you’ll need a thorough cleanup.


Most homeowners are reluctant to seek help from professional tradesmen, especially since it’s a costly investment. This is why there’s a wave of people who prefer to learn from online resources to repair potential home maintenance issues themselves. However, there’s a considerable risk in performing professional work without professional experience. Any mistakes you make can lead to greater damage, increasing your renovation costs drastically. To avoid having these complications, it’s best to let expert contractors handle the work for you.

Not all plumbers are equal, which is why you need to be particular about the company you choose. At Sunny Coast Plumbing and Gas, we provide a wide selection of services to match your home’s needs, from plumbing maintenance to sewer and drainage repairs. If you need a plumber on the Sunshine Coast, contact our expert plumbing team today!

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