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DIY 101: 3 Plumbing Jobs You Should Avoid Doing Yourself

If you want to keep your home as functional as possible, you need to pay close attention to damage to your utilities. Problems with your plumbing prevent you from enjoying your living spaces, which is why you should learn how to repair them when necessary.

But plumbing systems aren’t as simple as they look. However, there are cases when plumbing issues are straightforward and easy to handle. This is why homeowners need to be familiar with simple tips and tricks to manage minor damage. 

When you should call a professional plumber

Homeowners tend to look at hiring tradesmen as a bothersome expense that’s only necessary during emergencies. This is why they go out of their way to teach themselves how to fix problems in their homes. Unfortunately, no amount of training or commercial hardware tools can be enough to handle major plumbing issues. Some plumbing repair jobs aren’t worth the trouble of handling yourself. When homeowners try to address these complications, their pipelines are more likely to sustain further damage from stop-gap solutions.

Before you do more harm to your home, here are three repair jobs you need to avoid doing yourself:

1. Gas line problems

Plumbing isn’t strictly about water leaks and broken taps. Professional plumbers also dabble in other forms of pipeline work, including your home’s gas lines. Similar to electricity, dealing with gas leaks can be very dangerous for an amateur. Having light switches and other electronic devices nearby can increase the risk of combustion, making it one of the most hazardous problems you should avoid doing yourself. If you have a gas leak, it’s best to let a professional plumber handle it on-site.

2. Pipe replacements

Changing pipes can seem like a simple task. You only have to turn off the main water valve and replace the damaged pipe with a new one. However, there are several nuances that an amateur may not know about replacing their pipes. For example, different sizes and measurements fit and correspond specifically to your pipes. Placing something too loose or too tight can put your systems at risk of greater damage over time.

3. Drain problems

A typical solution that homeowners use with drain problems is a chemical solution. They can either purchase a commercial drain cleaner from the hardware store or make their own from baking soda solution. Although these methods effectively remove gunk down your drain, it can also damage your pipelines’ inner lining. After melting the stuck residue, the chemicals can linger and eat away your pipes, even if they’re PVC or metal.

The corroded pipes in your system can lead to numerous problems, from water leaks to compromised water flow. This can be more complicated for your toilets than your kitchen sinks since it either routes to your septic system or around your home’s pipelines. Hiring a professional plumber to fix your drainage issues is an excellent way to avoid all these potential plumbing mishaps. With the right equipment, they can remedy your drain gunk while preventing damage to your pipes.


Although hiring someone to fix your home’s damage doesn’t come for free, it’s almost always necessary to keep your home functioning well in the long term. The next time you have plumbing issues, you’ll need to consult with a professional to check if your minor issues can blow up into major problems.

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